by Nathan Gepper

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released January 8, 2017



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Cop Dentures Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Nathan Gepper - Sentimentality/SSRIs
We were little kids
Riding our bicycles
Up and down the sidewalks
We skinned our knees a whole lot
We used to run and hide
We used to play and fight
We used to memorize
The things which made us happy
Remember when we were?
Without restraint on our minds?
Remember when we were?
Happy and without a care?
I know it’s hard to
It’s hard to remember
I know it’s hard, too
It’s hard to feel together

I know it’s hard
When our lives feel like this
Maybe we should forget
Since it just feels like lies
Or just plain ignorant
Who am I to decide?
I know I know nothing
I count, you go and hide
I’ll come and look for you
You try to hide from me
I’ll pretend I don’t find you
If that makes you happy
I know I know nothing
Think that’s the only thing
That I know for sure
I wish I had a cure
For this awful feeling
I can’t seem to escape
I need a vacation
Help me, I need a break

We used to run around
Outside the swimming pool
We got stung by the bees
We thought we were so cool
We played sharks and minnows
We played Marco Polo
Used to peak underwater
So I could chase the cute girls
I don’t want to remember
These old times anymore
Now they just bring me down
Like a ghost haunting my mind
I feel infected
It’s fucking killing me
I try my best to
Destroy it when its rears its
Haunted head at me