It's Come to This EP

by Nathan Gepper

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released December 14, 2016



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Cop Dentures Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: It's Come to This
Seems like it's come to this
Wake up in the morning feeling like shit
I suppose this is what it means to exist

We consume what we can
As we plot our course through this land
And I don't know where I'm heading anymore
I don't think I ever did

So turn on the news
And try to tell me
Just how far we've come

Mistake after mistake
Misstep after misstep
Misinformed by the misinformed
I mistook myself for somebody else
I'll never know

So check your bank account
And try to tell me
Just how much you're worth

Seems like it's come to this
Go to bed at night feeling like shit
Hoping to dream a new memory worth remembering
Track Name: Your Pain
I often think about somehow writing the right words
To take away your pain
But I know that that's not how it works
Sometimes I fantasize of somehow touching you in the perfect way
To ease you of all your pain
But I know that that's not possible
I wish I could go back in time and protect you from what's hurt you
And prevent all of your pain
But I know that that's impossible

I'll fill the voids as best I can
And I'll share with you what I have
And I'll be near when you want me to

I'll fill the voids as best I can
And I'll share with you what I have
And I'll be near when you want me to be there
Track Name: When I Was a Child
When I was a child I could never understand
Why anyone at all would want to harm another man
Or wish ill upon someone or in anger raise a hand
Or be around injustice and be afraid to take a stand
When I was a child I lived in a dreamland
When I was a child I lived in a dreamland

When I was 11 I couldn't believe
My peer Riley got up and came over to me
Said, "You may dress cool now, but you will never be."
I said, "If cool is what you are, then that is a relief."

When I was in middle school I didn't know why
People called me "faggot" and gave me black eyes
That's when the dark thoughts started, I began to fantasize
Which one of my bullies were I to brutalize?

Maybe it'd be Andrew, who used to beat my ass
Or maybe it'd be Gregory, who pestered me in class
Or maybe it'd be Nick, who made fun of my cast
Or maybe it'd be all of 'em, yeah, I'd get revenge at last

It wasn't too long after I started feeling sick
I couldn't focus on much, let alone arithmetic
All that I could feel was that never-ending pit
My faith in people long gone, I was now a cynic

I stopped going to school and my symptoms just got worse
Self-loathing and hatred, my mind increasingly perverse
I could barely get up to confront the universe
And I convinced myself my next ride would be a hearse

So which do you think came first? The hatred or the pain?
Where do you think it comes from? The body or the brain?
Is everyone just disillusioned? Caught up in their disdain
For the things which hurt them again and again?

Can we love all people unequivocally?
Or will we all fall victim to some sort of bigotry?
When I was a child I saw the world so differently
When will we live as one indiscriminately?
Track Name: Meanwhile...
Watched a man die at Columbus and Tasker
He didn't even stand a chance
Blood gurgling in his lungs
Body broken under that van

The driver was beside himself
He called somebody up and said,
"I just hit someone crossing the street,
I don't know if he's alive or dead."

And meanwhile, all of us passersby agree:
It's better him than me
It's better him than me

Every mornin' on my way to work
There's people sleepin' on the floor
'Til the cops come and make their rounds
Horns honkin' so they sleep no more

They make the place presentable
For us hard-working taxpayers
I can't afford to give but a dime
As I rush to work, walkin' through there

And meanwhile, all of us commuters agree:
It's better them than me
It's better them than me

And meanwhile, all of us commuters agree:
It's better them than me
It's better them than me
Track Name: Back of House Blues
I woke up
Had a smoke
Cooked an egg
Made some toast
Put on my clothes
Kissed my girl goodbye
Walked to the bus stop
And went straight to work

There I stood
On the line
Gun in my chef pants
Murder on my mind
How many days?
Those countless nights
Prepping french fries
Trying to cut with dull knives

Took a sip of bourbon
Out of my flask
Just waiting for
That question to be asked
But in the meantime
I did my job:
Burning flesh
And chopping shit up

I waited 'til
The bar was dead
Went up to the barkeep
Shot him in the head
Took his keys
Locked the doors
Grabbed a bottle of liquor
And set the kitchen on fire

Found his car
I sped off
To the last job
That really pissed me off
It was 10 'til close
I was right on time
My old boss saw me and froze
I shot that bitch in her eye

I ran outside
Still had 4 rounds
A cop was waiting for me
Told me to get on the ground
I said, "Fuck you, pig."
And fired at his knee
Took a nearby brick
And smashed in his face

I took his gun
Went back inside
Saw all of the blood
Realized what I had done
Put that gun in my mouth
I pulled the trigger
Woke up a from day-dreaming at work
And finished cooking your dinner